10 Simple steps to keep the beauty of your furs.


           10 simple steps to keep the beauty of your furs.

  •  1. If you are not going to wear the fur coat for a long time it is better to put it in storage with the company that has all the necessary conditions and equipment.
  •   2. The fur coat should get through special cleaning every year.
  •   3. Never try to protect you fur coat from moth if you do not have necessary professional experience.
  •   4. Do not expose you fur coat to mechanical (friction, stretching) and chemical (perfume, hair spray ect.) influence, as well as to a deep soaking.
  •   5. If small lacerations and other visual defects appear, please, apply to the fur experts to eliminate them. Never try to mend  yourself.
  •   6. If you keep your fur coat at home do not remain it exposed to the straight sun rays, in the place which is lighted brightly or near the heating appliances.
  •   7. Always use wide coat hangers and a synthetic wrapper for your fur coat. Never use plastic or other air-locked materials, as a packaging.
  •   8. If the fur-coat got wet shake it and hand it on the wide coat hanger in a well ventilated place far from the heating appliances to get dry. After the fur coat gets dry shake it one more time.
  •   9. Do not brush your fur coat with a comb or a brush. It takes special skills.
  •   10. Long life of your furs is your trust to our experts